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Paper Dungeons around the world

Paper Dungeons: a dungeon scrawler game was launched during (October 2020) and many board game players were interested in the game concept: a richly illustrated, old school fantasy adventure with a roll and write mechanic.

Unfortunately in the launch, only Brazilian players could enjoy the game because MeepleBR didn’t establish partnerships to sell Paper Dungeons in other markets. The company translated the rulebook into English and shared it in BGG, but the cards inside the box were still in Portuguese.

But this situation is changing.

New heroes join the party!

Last October Alleycat, an independent publisher in the UK, established a partnership with MeepleBR and announced the translation and distribution of Paper Dungeons to English language countries.

To expand the product reach, MeepleBR contacted other publishers around the world to show the game and invited them to participate in an international print. The answer was very positive and all the publishers were fascinated with the simplicity of the rules, the many strategies of the game and the possibilities of expansions soon.

MeepleBR partners

The complete list of partners in the international print of Paper Dungeons includes:

  • Alleycat – English language countries (UK, North America and more)
  • dvGiochi – Italy
  • Grimspire Games – Germany
  • Lavka Games – Russia
  • Maldito Games – Spain
  • Super Meeple – France

Next steps

At this moment, the partners received the original files and started to translate the game into their respective languages. After this translation process, the international print will be made in China.

In a good scenario, customers will receive Paper Dungeons by the end of June.

Stay tuned for news about Paper Dungeons.


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