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    30 minutes 30 minutes

    3 to 6 players 3 to 6 players

    In Vudù, the players act as the most wicked and malicious sorcerers of all time, and they want to use their curses and black magic to make the lives of their enemies impossible to prevail over them! Each turn, you roll five dice, collect your ingredients, then choose whether to take new cards, take new items, or cast a spell. Each spell has a powerful and tricky curse attached to it that forces your target to play in a specific way, for example, talking with his tongue out for the rest of the game, or using only a single hand, or running around the table each turn. Each curse grants you points when you cast it and many more points if your target forgets to obey it or becomes too exhausted to continue. Collect as many malediction points as you can to reach the final tile of the scoreboard before anyone else!

    About the Product

    Game Design: Francesco Giovo and Marco Voltriani
    Artist: Guido Favo
    Original Publisher: Red Glove

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