Tortuga 2199

    14 + 14 +

    60 to 90 minutes 60 to 90 minutes

    2 to 4 players 2 to 4 players

    Planetary registry…
    Tortuga — former Interstellar Confederation’s mining colony.
    Aggressive environment and fauna.
    The planet is located inside the neutral buffer zone of Omega sector.
    Since the miners’ rebellion, the planet is under control of insurgents and pirate clans.
    Visiting is highly discouraged by Confederation ships.

    Tortuga 2199 is a deck building, exploration, and area control game for 2–4 players.

    Play as the pirate captain of a space ship.
    Your objective is to become the most powerful captain and have all of the disunited pirate clans join your cause.
    Upgrade your ship and hire new crew members.
    Explore and conquer different sectors of the planet.
    Fight space beasts and board other captains’ ships.
    All of the above increases your influence and helps to reach your goal.

    Good luck, captain. All sails to the space wind!

    Tortuga 2199 contains a modular playing board, spaceship miniatures, tokens, counters and 150+ cards.

    About the Product

    Game design: Mikhail Loiko e DenisPlastinin
    Svetlana Argat.

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